One of the perks of MOMS Club® of Sunbury is the calendar of free or low-cost events that are planned for you and your children each month!

Our members are actively involved in the planning and hosting of monthly activities.  The activities are generally held during weekday mornings with the exception of the monthly MOMS Night Out.

We expect your children to be in tow at the majority of our events!  The only time children stay at home are during the MOMS Night Out evenings when our hard-working MOMS get a few hours of relaxation.  Of course, nursing MOMS are always welcome to bring their little one to this event.

Here is a summary of activities that you may find on our monthly calendar:
  • Monthly Business Meeting:  Our Monthly Business Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month.  Members gather to discuss any chapter business, enjoy a snack, and complete a game or craft with our children.  Prospective members are welcome to attend this meeting in order to get to know our chapter!
  • Play Groups: Play groups can be hosted at a member's home, at a local park, or at a nearby indoor recreational facility.  Children are able to interact with each other while MOMS can relax and chat.  Our play dates can be unstructured or revolve around a theme, such as water play, music and rhythm, flying kites, taking walks, sidewalk chalking, bubble fun and much more.
  • Story Times:  We try to utilize our fantastic local library services as much as possible!  We will meet a few times a month at an age-specific story time that provides a story, songs, and crafting activities.  Occasionally, we are able to schedule private MOMS Club® story times in addition to the public offerings.
  • Seasonal Parties:  Just give us a reason to celebrate, and we'll plan an event for it!  Our chapter gets together to enjoy crafts, activities, and fellowship for most of the major holidays as well as some of the lesser known holidays, such as National Watermelon Day or National Donut Day.
  • Field Trips:  We try to schedule one field trip a month that may take us outside of the Sunbury community or a behind-the-scenes look at a local venue.  You might find us touring chocolate or ice cream factories, picking fruits or vegetables, checking out the local fire station, or exploring the zoo or science center.  This is just a sampling of what our group likes to do, and we are always open to suggestions!
  • MOMS Night Out: Hang out with your MOM friends for a few hours without the kids!  This once-a-month event is held during evening hours.  We could meet at a local restaurant or wine bar, get pedicures, or even have a MOMS Night In at one of our member's homes.  These evenings are where bonds are truly made - as you can finish a sentence without having to run off after your toddler!